As a Plastic Surgery Office, what makes us different and special?

 We went around our Surgical Artistry Inc. office and asked individual members of our patient care team the question:  what makes us different.   Each person came up with their own list.  Here are the responses.



Dr. Lee’s (General Surgeon/Acupuncturist) List:

1. For complex plastic surgeries, I (Dr. Lee) am available as a very capable assist.  I’m a Board Certified General Surgeon with trauma experience.  Other plastic surgeons get a tech or a nurse to help with the surgeries.


2. When people call with questions or potential problems, I’m (Dr. Lee) also available in the office to give advice and to examine the situation.  Other practices have medical assistants or nurses only.  They do not have the advantage of having a second doctor (Surgeon even), to make medical decisions regarding our patients’ care.


3. I’m available 24 hours a day for our patients, including Dr. Wu’s patients.  Dr. Wu is also available 24 hours a day.


4. We have a full time medical aesthetician who is very interested in continuing education.  She is available to help with skin care products or with skin evaluations at any time.  She also provides services to help make our patients’ facial results last longer.


5. Dr. Tammy Wu is a female plastic surgeon


6. We have hard wood floors in our lobby (walnut floors).


7. We have very unique water fountains in our lobby – hand made, copper and wood – a set of two water fountains (a large one with two streams and a smaller one with one stream) intermingled with plants running through the fountains.


8. We have original Christy Hughes (Modesto Artist) art throughout our office.  Some of which are for sale.


9. We have more colors on our wall than any other office (in fact we have 14 different colors on the walls).  We even have a website that tells our guests about the different colors so they can replicate it for their home:


10. All of our surgical equipment, lights, instruments, and furniture are new.


11. We have Electronic Medical Records (EMR) we’re a paperless charting office.


12. We carry arnica products (Gel, Cream, Pellets) to help reduce bruising, swelling, and pain after surgery.


13.  We have a fantastic vein laser – probably the best in it’s field.


14.  We have a full time acupuncturist on staff (Dr. Lee), to help with anxiety and recovery from surgery.


15.  Staff is willing to stay late to get the work done.



From Dr. Wu:


From Jeannine (our Patient Coordinator): 

  1. We have a super friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  2. Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee are Board Certified.

  3. Dr. Lee has experience in Trauma Surgery and General Surgery and is available to help with any and all of Dr. Wu’s surgeries.

  4. Dr. Wu can also help with any of Dr. Lee’s surgeries.

  5. Our Esthetician is Licensed.

  6. We carry Obagi and NIA 24 skin care products

  7. We carry many different implant sizers for our breast augmentation patients to try on, and sometimes they can even take them home.

  8. We offer a private area for potential patients to come in and look at pictures of Dr. Tammy Wu’s plastic surgery.

  9. There’s a feeling of positive energy in our office and a soothing atmosphere.

  10. Doctors are available 24 hours a day for post operative care.


From Christine (our Aesthetician and Office Assistant)

1. We have an esthetician on staff.

2. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

3. Post operative patients have access to doctors over the weekend and at night.

4. We are located in the newest part of Modesto.

5. We are open during lunch.

6. We have a live voice answering the phone, most of the time.

7. We have live plants in our office to provide our patients with oxygen.

8. We have therapists that come into our office to provide benefits of the Dalahare Method/Reiki




From Jacquie (our Patient Care Liaison):


1. Our waiting room is not really a “waiting” room – there is very minimal waiting. In fact, it is a very spa-like atmosphere; very soothing and calming. Sometimes people want to relax even longer!! :)


2. We have the most informational website – and when you are considering any type of surgery, it is extremely important to be well informed.


3. We don’t separate ourselves from our patients with a sliding window


4. We have the most beautiful bathrooms


5. Our weigh-in (scale and vitals) room is the most comforting - probably due to the multitude of real plants!


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